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Sizing guide

Step 1: Preparing to Measure your flower girl

You will need is a soft tape measure. You will also want to have a pencil and paper handy to notate her measurements. Record the measurements accurately, without adding additional inches.

While taking the flower girl measurements, she should only be wearing undergarments or form-fitting garments. Make sure that she stands with good posture and breathes naturally without sucking her stomach in or holding her breath.

When you wrap the measuring tape around her body, it should be parallel to the floor. You will want to pull the tape comfortably snug, without leaving it hanging loose or digging it into her skin.

Step 2: Measure Her Chest

Wrap the measuring tape under her arms, allowing it to pass over her bust line. After you have placed the measuring tape, ask your little flower girl to lower her arms to her sides. Before recording the measurement, ensure that the tape is parallel to the floor.

Step 3: Measure Her Waist

Select the largest point of her abdomen. If the dress is large enough to fit her widest point, then it will comfortably fit the rest of her stomach as well. If her stomach is evenly shaped, then you will measure at her belly button. Follow the same procedure as you did when measuring her chest - placing the tape on her abdomen, parallel to the floor, with your daughter's arms by her sides.

Step 4: Measure the Length of the Dress

Most flower girl dresses will indicate how many inches long the dress is. If you want to determine how long a specific dress will be on your daughter, hold the tape measure starting in the center of her shoulder and allow it to hang to the floor. Wherever the number of inches indicated on the size chart falls will show you what point on your daughter's leg the dress will hit. If your Flower Girl is a little taller or shorter for her size, contact us to customize the dress length at no extra cost ;)

Step 5: Selecting the Correct Size
Compare your flower girl measurement to the size chart for the flower girl dress that you are ordering. Ideally, you should select a dress size that is an inch or two larger than her measurements, as this will give her room in case she has a growth spurt before the wedding.

Any doubts? Chat with us to find the perfect size for your Flower Girl
Flower girl dresses sizing guide

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